Den of Geeks and Men of God

by Dawn W

The other day, I happened to find myself in the comic book store after work.(No idea how that happened.) I haven’t been into comics and comic culture for long, but I’ve been a geek forever and I practically live on the internet; so I know that there’s often a bit of an attitude toward women who are interested in nerdy things, especially comics. So, walking into the store, I braced myself for the worst.

There were quite a few people in the store. I was the only female, but the guys only glanced in my direction. I may have been interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the new issues that came out this week. Besides one slight encounter with an employee who told me I totally didn’t want what I was looking for because it surely wasn’t my taste (I told him a thing), I had no issues. I was an anonymous stranger in a store, just like everyone else.

I left the comic book store slightly disappointed (they didn’t have the thing) and really starving. You know what I passed on the way home? Chick-Fil-A.

An aside on CFA: I know that their CEO supports things that we don’t
want him to support. So, I apologize to my LGBTQI friends that
sometimes, my love for really good chicken overwhelms my moral compass.

So, I stop at CFA, bastion of Christian service and light. Eating there practically counts as tithing, that’s how closely related Christians see CFA and the church. I’m standing in line, waiting to order, when a guy gets in line behind me. No big deal, right? Wrong. First, he gets WAY TOO CLOSE to me. Then, he decides to comment to his friend about my purple hair. “The weird girls…they’re always the freaks in bed.” And then, dear reader…”She’s got a good ass too. Purple hair and a good ass? I’d do her.”

Be proud of me, friends. I did not punch the guy. I did not yell at him. I did not kick him in his manhood and laugh while he cried. I ignored him, waiting until we were side by side at the counter to risk a glance. The guy was wearing a mission trip t-shirt. You and I both know that church attendance is no reflection of inward thought. We all know Christians who make our Christ look terrible. But we also know that they are a really loud minority. I’m confident that most Christians are amazing, loving, accepting people. Please don’t comment about how awful Christians are or how I’m being mean to Christians.

The point of this isn’t to make a value judgment on one group of people or another. It’s simply to remind Christians that everything we do is a reflection on the Christ we claim to serve. May it also serve to remind us to never judge people based on what we know of their kind of people. People, I’ve found, will surprise you.

If you’ll excuse me, I have new comics to read.