Why Dolores Umbridge Is Worse Than Satan

by Dawn W

The story of Lucifer is actually one that I find incredibly interesting. Any of you that have known me for very long know that I’m obsessed with angels and this therefore comes as no surprise. For those that may not know the story, Lucifer was an angel of God. He was a beautiful creature, destined for greatness at the right hand of the Father.

So what happened? Lucifer got so wrapped up in how amazing he was, how smart he was, and how beautiful he was that he decided he needed to be raised to the level of God. (We’ll save how much I relate to this pride for another post but…geez.) Lucifer’s pride is what caused his problems. It was only after he was cast down that the real problems started. Lucifer’s issues were all self-centered.

Dolores Umbridge was prideful, don’t get me wrong. She saw herself as the savior of wizardom. But her evil was not based in pride or narcissism. Umbridge was pure, unadulterated vitriol and prejudice. Her goal was not to raise herself up. What the Lady in Pink did is tear everyone down, inch by inch. This is a subtle but very important difference.

These are also the people that are hardest to spot. Umbridge seemed so sweet and normal to those who weren’t suffering at her hands. Had Harry reported her abuse, no one would have believed him. Take it from someone who knows: women that seem sweet and well-meaning can get away with murder as long as we do it with a smile. If you add a Southern accent, you’ll get people to help you hide the body.

The moral of the Umbridge story is two-fold for me. On the one hand, it is important to keep your eyes open. Be aware of what is happening around you. You never know who might be suffering at the hands of someone seemingly innocuous.

More importantly, Umbridge and Lucifer remind me of how key it is to be aware of my attitudes toward myself and others. Pride goeth before the fall, but falling is preferable to dragging down an entire group of people with me. Am I lifting myself up or pushing others down?

Dolores Umbridge climbed to notoriety on the broken backs of those around her. May I use my intellect and talent to build a ladder out of grand ideas instead of crushing other people to achieve success.